Woodfest 2012

Mud Mud Mud!!

Woodfest thankfully this year got off to a good start for us.  There was some sunshine on the Saturday and no 70mph winds so that was good. 

Our 'shed' proved to be a great idea and placed at the entrance was even better!!  The only down side was the fun fair was also at the entrance and that music is still going around and around in our heads!!


Everyone seemed to be having a good time. At 5pm we packed up and set off home to our tent, our son not arriving until the next day, we were all ready for an evening by the BBQ after a few beers in the 'Bar' marquee.  Then the rain started to fall!  All those who had plans for the Jubilee Sunday will remember the rain!

It didn't stop until the early hours of Monday morning, by which time everything was soaked especially my boots! Giving up on them I decided that I could clean my feet easier than cleaning shoes so I opted for a pair of crocs to get me through the Monday.  I have never experienced gooey mud inside crocs before, it was a strange feeling, but in some perverse way somewhat pleasurable!! From the stand my feet could not be seen by all our lovely customers had no idea that from the knees down I looked like a cave woman.

We had a pleanty of children all ready to make pots and were non stop all day.

All in all we had a great time, but I am seriously re-considering camping, much to Amlyn's disgust, it was just so cold and wet.  I'm not really a fair weather camper but feeling the breeze on your face as you try to get off to sleep is not very relaxing!! Maybe its time for a new tent!

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