Windy Woodfest

Woodfest Wales 2011

This event is now over for another year, and as last years event was remembered for the scorching hot weather, this year will be remembered for the 60mph winds that hit us on Friday night, blew many stands away along with porta loos!! 

In fact the wind remained a factor to consider, especially when selling pottery!!, throughout the weekend and only subsided on Monday, when it rained instead!  BUT the rain was a blessing for us, pottery doesn't mind the rain, it just doesn't hold up well when blown from the stand!

We however had, as usual, an excellent time!  I know we are there to work, but it just doesn't feel like work when you are having such a great time, chatting to happy people, enjoying their day, all out to have a good time. 

As usual the event was very well organised, albeit that the shower generator didn't get put on on Sunday morning and we had cold showers, well I didn't...for me it was a bucket of warm water, in a warm tent!  I washed my hair outside which was novel in the wind!!  True camping! Our tent was behind our stall, which made it so much easier to pop in and out of when we had a few minutes to eat and drink coffee!!

Lots of you wanted to make pots with us and have very kindly given us permission to take photos to decorate our next festival stall with, showing happy, smiling faces, with eyes looking downwards keeping a deep concentration on where the clay was flying!

Do you know, parents out there, that your child making a pot will literally give you 10 minutes of peace and quiet?  Something happens to their tongues when their hands touch clay, it stops!!

Anyway, onwards and upwards, the next event is in the Osprey project in Tremadoc.

Hope to see you there!!!



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