Scarey Thoughts Update

So many Dafodils!

The demonstration at the gardening club went very well.  Why I was so worried about filling two hours I don't know!

To begin with the chairman gave a short talk about daffodils and their entry into an up and comming competition and to which category each could be submitted into.  Wow!! So many types of Daffs!!

We were then introduced and went onto have a very enjoyable evening.  All the members of the club were very welcoming, talkative and a pleasure to talk to! Such a good sense of humour gardeners have! It must be their endurance to battle all weathers for their gardens to look so lovely!

We had to judge a small competition for the best pierced piece of pottery supplied by the members.  I was delighted to see a piece of our pottery amongst the entries, and the owner did not know that it belonged to us, not sure if that is a good thing or not! Of course we could not choose that particular piece, but went on to choose two other examples of hand made ceramics.

The evening rounded off with a couple of ladies trying their hand at making a pot for themselves and a lovely one to one chat with members who wanted to know more.

I came away with one bit of valuable information my garden is full of multi headed dwarfs!!

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