Scarey Thoughts

Mucky Jeans!!

My stomach is in knots!!!

In a few weeks time I will be giving a talk and demonstration to a local gardening club.  Approx 40 people.  Giving a talk of this kind I have not done for 20 years and its scaring me to death!
How do I overcome this feeling?  By being as prepared as I can be I suppose.  I know my craft, I love my work.  I hope that once I get started and feel the clay in my hands, the words will flow, I can't exactly have sheets of paper in front of me, can you imagine the mess trying to turn the pages!!?  It would give a whole new meaning to 'paper clay'!
I once had a student who tried to learn to 'throw a pot' using a book, hence the reason why she ended up in my class!
The thing that is really bothering me is how I will make the event last two hours! I will have to fight the urge to hurtle through all my preparations other wise I will struggle to spread it all out.  Maybe a good plan of action will be to have a few 'time fillers' tagged onto the end, just in case.
I have left my comfort zone, in my workshop, alone, making pots and making mistakes, having good and bad days. To put myself in front of others is pressure, to get it right first time, and talk, and answer questions...correctly!
So why did I agree?? Yep I have asked that quite a lot lately!  Because I need people to start to see more of what I do.  So many people even in my own village do not know!  Lord knows what they think when I turn up outside the school to collect my son with terrecotta clay all over my jeans, I dread to think!!!  I'm supprised no one has called an ambulance, or enviromental health!! 
This web site was the start last year, and I was feeling a little 'lost' with it.  Only this morning I discovered that people can leave comments on my blogs!! Wow!! And they have...double wow! Oh good grief..more pressure!!! lol!!
My work has now gone into a few local gallery shops, and I have made some enquiries about the outside possibility of finding a better suited workshop, with heating, running water and on site electric, none of which I have in mine would you believe?! 
But who needs it easy when passion is your motive?
I will keep you posted.....
Helen x
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