'Peggs' Progress

One of This Years Studio Pieces

Earlier in the year I wrote a blog about ‘design inspiration’ and my peg design.

A few weeks later, during a conversation with my brother Alan over a glass of wine, I decided to start making a yearly piece, which took time and passion to make.  So often during this time of year I’m mowed down with the summer fairs and festivals, trying to generate stock for the stall etc that I get caught up in the fast moving production flow and before I know it September is knocking on the door and the Christmas fairs start looming. 

So, June was going to be my time, when the first rush of production is underway and steadily ongoing, for me to create this ‘Gallery’ piece.  And so it began. 

I’m coiling (by hand not by extruder) simply because it makes me slow down, I listen to the birds in the garden, coiling away in, my workshop letting my mind wander, it’s almost like meditation.

So many people comment to me at fairs how relaxing and theraputic it must be to be a potter!!! Not true!! When it’s a bad throwing day, it just doesn’t work and your pile of weighed clay balls turns into a pile of wet clay now needing re-cycling (which in itself takes time) If I’m sensible on these days I quit the wheel and concentrate on something different, but that isn’t always great, as I might be working on an order which needs compleating and it all becomes very frustrating, then the kiln might have a mind of it’s own as well!!  Then you start to rush things and make mistakes or take chances with the glaze that goes wrong……..ARGH……pause….breath….

So….it’s not always theraputic!! But I love it!!!

Anyway…Peggs, as this years creation has now been named, is coming on really well, its still in the early stages, coiling began earlier in the week (after a huge calamity in the production line regarding a mix up of clay from my supplier..another story) and is now at the neck point.  All being well, I might find a bit of time later today to finish the neck.

The great thing about making something like this, is that I do not need any motivation at all about getting down to the workshop (to be honest, I never really do, except in the snow!!) or should I say, I need no excuse!!  If it’s a choice between hoovering and coiling…I’m off to the workshop! So my house is a mess, we keep losing things in the chaos of our home… but Peggs is looking lovely!!!

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