Let it Snow!!

I’m all finished now till after Christmas!  The last kiln firing produced some lovely bowls, sadly one had a slight crack, but as I have had my eye on these new pouring mixing bowls, it now sits proudly in my kitchen!!  I always reach this time of year with a mix of sadness and pleasure.  On one hand I’m truly exhausted and really looking forward to all the festivities without the pressure of work and some real me and family time to enjoy.  However sadly as my workshop is a shed in the garden the cold weather affects the clay, the kiln and me and generally stops any production in its tracks!  This I find really hard to deal with when I want to start work again, the longer I stop for, the harder it is to motivate myself for some reason.  Right now I cannot imagine not wanting to go down to the bottom of the garden and create, but alas year after year it’s the same scenario! all those people who have read my blogs I wish you a lovely festive Christmas roll in the snow and let us all snuggle down with a good book, a glass of wine and a mince pie in front of a log fire!! Well that’s my plan for a long few winter months ahead. you really think I will be leaving my design book un-touched? It’s all part of the pleasure!

God Bless...X

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