Fresh Kitchen Ideas

Chocolate heaven!!

Having spent quite a few evenings recently entertaining dinner party friends, needless to say I have been rumaging through cookery magazines for some inspirational meal ideas! Consequently I have been inspired by photo's of ceramics layden with delicious goodies and decided to put my thinking hat on and come up with some new 'functional pottery' ideas.

I must be going through a 'sweet' phase, unusual for me as I normally focus on savoury meals and forget the puddings!  But chocolate has come between me and the never ending diet and brought to mind the craze of the 80's of fondue dipping parties! I think nowdays the chocolate fountain has taken over and now you are able to buy these quite cheaply, it seems every car boot table has a discarded present still in it's box!  So I got to thinking about the lazy summer evenings out on the terrace, balcony or patio, BBQ cooling in the late sunshine, tea lights being lit to deter the midges, how about a tea light fuelled chocolate fondue?  Not sure the tea light will be hot enough to keep the chocolate liquid but it will be my utmost PLEASURE to test run this idea!!Cool

Going along with our filigree cut out design it will no doubt be along the lines of one of our deep oil burners, but compleate with a large dish to enable fruit and mashmellows to be served around the warming pot!

Emmm... maybe a supersized tea light would be required...ooh better get on the net and check out the availibility of such tea lights for the likes of those of us who live in the back end of the mountains!!

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