The ROAR inside me!


Although I have always loved hand building, for its slow pace and tranquil feel I have never really tried my hand at sculpting.

I concluded years ago that I wasn’t any good at it, after one or two half hearted attempts.  But they were half hearted.  However for quite sometime I have had the thought of dragons flying around in my head, in fact even put some ideas to paper in the form of drawings. I have also discussed my thoughts with others who have said that they are fun ideas that I should put into practice.  But as usual I drew back into my “but I can’t sculpt” head and bang went that idea again.

During the Plassey Summer Fair I had the pleasure of meeting Matt. And a natural conversation started about pottery and ceramics in general.  I told him that I would like to sculpt Dragons and he informed me that he already did! We had a fun chat about the fantasy and wonder of allowing your imagination to flow, but as per usual when he and his partner left, once again that old head re-settled itself on my shoulders, but it was a little bit more un-hinged than usual.

Later that week my sister-in-law from Slovakia came to visit, being another potter (who has no studio,) she made a bee line for my workshop, asking if I needed any help.  After a morning of potting, sponging, firing kilns, decorating  and endless talking, not about ceramics for a change but general family life in our respective countries.  After lunch a feeling came over me, out of no-where a dragon brewed, I knew right there and then the time was right.  With Viera creating by my side I set to work.

Although I had drawn dragons, sketched fun ideas and I always felt that my dragons were never going to be cutesy I had not ever designed a dragon for me to sculpt as such.  So this dragon was evolving out of my head, I put no thought into it I just let it happen, and so was born Draig Ddysgu (Learning Dragon)

I was so pleased, excited and proud. 

The following week I was at another fair in The Grovsner Garden Centre near Chester.  I was itching to see if I could do this again, slightly scared that it was all a one off and that I would just make a fool of myself, especially as this time I was going to be on view to the public and fellow stall holders.

During the morning a thunder storm started, this was on the Saturday, it woke my inner dragon!! And thus was born ‘Taran’ (welsh for Thunder of course!)

Low and behold Matt turned up on the stand on the Saturday during the creation of Taran and was pleased that I had finally tried my hand at sculpting and offered a few words of advice on scales (as in amour plating for dragons not size!). Other stall holders asked where ‘Lightning’ was and some…namely Hazel blamed me for the tremendous storm that erupted on the Sunday, closing the fair early, flooding the marquee and car park and causing no end of mayhem, this was Taran’s revenge for not having a Lightening ( Mellten) to stand beside him!!  One Day Maybe!!

HOWEVER……..Gogarth is roaring inside me to get out!!!

When I work out how to get photo's on here I will!! So frustrating!!

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