Design Inspiration!

A Trip Back

I was sorting out my pottery books to lend to a friend and I came across the first book I bought published in 1987 it's called Creative Pottery by Peter Cosentino. This is an excellent book, really good photo's and a simplistic way of explaining the intricacies of making pottery.  Ok, so nowadays some of the designs are a bit dated, but at the end of the day, the design is up to the individual to decide on.  With the decision made recently to improve my 2D artwork I read through his design projects list and opted for "Explore the shape patterns apparent in a pile of clothes pegs".  So I set about my task with enthusiasm!  Half an hour later looking at my dismal attempt I turned the page and started again, once again I turned the page a little later, on this third attempt I started to really look at what I was seeing, forgetting about portraying a pile of pegs which I was doing very badly and doing what I was told to do "explore the shape patterns!" how easily we only see what is in front of us and not the full picture, woods for the trees and all that!  So, I started to see the 'gaps' not the pegs and the patterns fell out!  I have now come up with quite an interesting almost 'alien' pattern that I cannot wait to use on something this year!!

This was such a good excercise for me as I often skip the designing stage in my fever to get onto making the pottery, and yet I constantly tell my students to plan ahead so they have a picture in their minds of the compleated piece and go with the flow during the process. 

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