Back to School

Production in Progress

My son started school for the first time on Monday, I know mothers are supposed to cry (I did!) and feel sad (I’m not!) but I cannot help skipping just a bit on the way to the studio to start on the Christmas production.

However I have had to use the last few days trying to sort out the H&S nightmare that is my workshop.  All the manic making over the summer to keep up with the fairs left little time for being tidy or clean.

I would like to take this time to thank Veira, my Slovakian apprentice, who came to stay during part of August, for her help and more importantly her enthusiasm.  She helped me to remember that sometimes it’s good to go a bit slower and take the time to perfect.  And the long conversations over tea/wine and lots of food were great, especially the pottery talk, so lovely to bounce ideas off of one another! PARADA!!!

Items that evolved this summer to look out for in the shop will be:

Pinch Jugs
Pouring Bowls
Olive Dishes
Fondue Sets
Newly designed Goblets
Shabby Chic Hanging Hearts


So roll on Christmas but don’t sing ‘Let it Snow’ just yet!!

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